Movement Intelligence.

Move better. Train smarter. Recover faster.

The most advanced solution for evaluating musculoskeletal health.

  FIGUR8 is the only diagnostics platform that captures three-dimensional skeletal movement in conjunction with muscle output to help trainers, therapists and physicians objectively measure musculoskeletal performance and recovery.  

Limitless possibilities.

FIGUR8 is the world’s most cost-effective and portable system for accurately assessing quality of movement.
Performance Optimization

Full body assessments provide athletes insights into strengths and weaknesses to focus their training to achieve specific and measurable goals.

Injury Management

Objective evaluations improve therapy outcomes, decrease healthcare spend and allow clinicians to scale to manage a larger population of patients more effectively.

Ergonomic Assessment

Onsite evaluation of personnel and tasks provide insight critical to reducing workplace injuries and minimizing worker compensation costs. 

Breakthrough technology.

The award-winning FlexTech Sensor combines lightweight, low-profile and highly accurate linear displacement sensors with 9-axis inertial measuring units to provide muscle activation timing and intensity with joint angles, acceleration and motion in the 3D space.

Lab quality movement data. Anywhere.

The FIGUR8 Platform is designed to be used in nearly any environment. Collect the most sophisticated movement data without cumbersome and expensive cameras.
3D Motion Tracking
Muscle Activation Measurement
Wireless Wearable System

Move naturally. No restrictions.

FIGUR8’s modular form-fitting displacement sensors can be applied to multiple locations in a matter of minutes, collect data unobtrusively, and allow subjects to track movement in their own environment.

Intuitive design.

FIGUR8’s Mobile App unlocks access to the most sophisticated movement data available, with little to no training.  

A singular purpose.

FIGUR8 was founded with the goal of understanding human movement through groundbreaking sensor technologies. Born from ideas formed at MIT's Media Lab and tested at the Massachusetts General Hospital Sports Science Lab, FIGUR8 is changing the way we understand human movement.

Housing one of the most advanced motion tracking systems in the country, FIGUR8 is a MIT STEX 25 company formed by a team of researchers, designers, and engineers with expertise in wearable computing, biomechanics and sports science. The team shares a passion in creating the most effective and intuitive way to quantify human movement, not for the elite few, but for everyone.