Research and Development Kit

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Designed for research by researchers

Our proprietary stretch sensors capture muscle microexpressions in real time. The companion apps allow you to record video and create visualizations of different muscle interactions. The figur8 R&D Kit smoothly and easily abstracts neuromuscular responses.

Product Features

3D Motion Tracking
Muscle Activation Measurement
Wireless Wearable System

Technical Specs

  • Linear Displacement Sensor

    Measures muscle activation timing and intensity.

  • 9-Axis Inertial Measuring Unit

    Measures joint angles, acceleration, and movements in the 3D space.

  • Wireless Data Streaming

    50 Hz stretch sensor; 25 Hz (configurable) IMU.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    Up to 4 hours battery life.

  • Disposable tape attachment

    Medical-grade tape with snaps for the sensor ensure that the stretch sensors will stay where you place them. It also allows you to apply the sensors directly to joints and muscle groups for high-resolution motion tracking.

  • Compression garment

    You can also purchase compression sleeves with pre-attached snaps. They are reusable and come in a variety of sizes. figur8 also sells kits that help you attach snaps to your own garments.

Putting the sensor on

Sample data collection

Curve generation

Data Logger App

The iOS-based Data Logger App captures all the data from the figur8 sensors.
• Intuitive Bluetooth pairing and commissioning interface
• Real-time visualization of multiple data streams
• Synchronized video and data capturing
• Seamless data export to figur8 Data Analysis Tool

Data Analysis Tool

The Data Analysis Tool generates charts, graphs and statistics across metrics and data sets, all from your desktop computer.
• Custom graph generation
• Statistical analysis suite
• Video timestamp synchronization


Here is everything you need to get started with the figur8 R&D Kit. The User Guide, Quick Start Guide and Data Logger Deployment Guide are available for download.