Repeatable, Reliable And Accurate

The figur8 team is hard at work on the last stages of beta testing wearables for assessment, training and rehab. The team hopes to democratize the process of quantifying athletic performance in a scientifically meaningful manner. Up until now, it has been the privilege of elite players, usually in a professional capacity. It costs hundreds of dollars, the equipment requires a very high technical skill set to set up an operate, and that equipment itself is prohibitively expensive for a majority of athletic clubs. It requires a very high technical skill to set up and operate, and costs hundreds of dollars per assessment. The figur8 team is working to open their innovative platform to help others get accurate, reliable neuromuscular feedback. They have tested extensively with athletes, at combines, and have collected data set after data set-all of which you can read about in the weeks to come.

That’s why this last round of beta testing is so important to figur8. The sensors do exactly what they are supposed to, but through exhaustive testing the team is making sure that digitizing body movement is repeatable and reliable, that the stretch sensors give perfect neuromuscular feedback. If the sensors work the same for everyone, there’s no limit to how this data can help athletes and physical therapists—and it won’t take 20 years of experience to gain that knowledge. figur8 brings that experience to the palm of your hand via your smartphone and the lightweight sensor system to help you test, assess and train at any location, at any time. We’re excited to offer this bright future in biomechanics to you, and believe it can revolutionize how we look at our bodies in motion.

Special thanks to Dr. Donna Scarborough, Director of Sports Medicine. Athletes of all levels think of Donna when they get injured. She has consulted for major league teams such as the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution and the Boston Red Sox, and she brings her more than 20 years of experience to the team.